Ok. Here it is. A little bit about me so that you can get to know the ‘Leigh’ in LoveLeigh Events – and I’m looking forward to getting to know you too!

I have a very a large family, and until I was a teenager I thought that everyone had multiple cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, but it turns out they don’t so I feel very lucky, and although it can be manic sometimes I love my family and how many of us there are! We all love any excuse to throw a party – more often than not with a theme. It’s something I’ve grown up around and love to get involved in – so much so that after living in America for two years I decided to take a degree in costume. This only seemed to add fuel to that fire and enabled me to develop my creativity. Below is a great example of the kind of family parties we’ve thrown over the years…

Last year my little cousin Lucy was expecting her first child with her fiance Jack. Her older sister Emma wanted to throw her a baby shower and I offered to help. In actual fact what happened was I kind of took over and didn’t give anyone much of a choice! Fortunately for me Emma was very busy with her business and so I was given free rein. I really did love planning, making props and setting everything up; from buying and creating the decorations, to putting together the gift bags and assembling the games on the morning of the party – it was all great fun!

Emma said to me; “You should do this for a living”! and I thought ‘yeah, why not?!’ Here are a few photos of the big day…

baby shower

Baby shower 2

We played a few games at the baby shower too, one favourite was the chocolate game. It is the best game to be played at any party, with any theme, at any time.

There are two teams. Each is given a large bar of chocolate on a tray, a knife and fork, dice and clothing items. Everyone sits in a circle and takes a turn to roll the dice, the first person to roll a six has to put on all the items of clothing (for the baby shower theme we dressed a doll),  grab the knife and fork and start cutting and eating chocolate as quickly as they can. The hilarity of the game is that the person cannot stop cutting and eating until someone else in the team rolls a six! The clothing and cutlery is then passed on and the cycle begins all over again. The first team to eat their whole bar of chocolate wins. This game will bring out a very competitive side to most people, loud screams can be heard from both teams almost throughout and someone will definitely feel very sick by the end. As I said, it is the best game!

We also played other games like, Guess the Celebrity Baby, Make a Baby From Playdough and Pin the Nappy on the Baby. We gave out prizes to everyone……


And those who didn’t get a prize went home with a little something to remember the day!


Also for Lucy I did a little something special. I took a photo of her with everyone who came to the party. Emma and I had spent a while (well, a lot more than a while) in Paperchase and got a lovely notebook/scrapbook. One the day everyone wrote a lovely message for Lucy and Jack and their little bun in the oven. Lucy knew people were writing something but she didn’t know what. Once the printed photos had arrived I stuck them all in with people’s comments and presented Lucy with the book. She loved it. It’s such a special time and I wanted her to remember the lovely day we’d all had.


Baby shower book


Since then I have been planning, organising and designing parties and events alongside my costume work. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I like writing it and I look forward to sharing more tips and tricks with you soon!

Happy reading everyone!

Love Leigh x

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