Ella’s Chocolate Brownies

So a few months ago I went to BritMum’s Live in London and one of the key speakers was Ella Woodward of the Deliciously Ella cookbook. She talked about her journey to where she is today and how much her diet has changed her life, she was a great speaker and very inspiring. I, like most people, always aspire to eat better but I think I spend more time thinking about it than actually seeing it through!

But Ella was a true inspiration.  The way she spoke made me start to believe that I could make the changes I want, by introducing them slowly; to suit my own needs and to fit around my own life.

Deliciously Ella

My lovely mum saw how much I enjoyed Ella’s talk and bought me her cookbook. I absolutely loved reading through it and learning about all the different ingredients and generally widening my knowledge of food. I wanted to make so many things from her cookbook so I thought I had better get going. Obviously the first thing I made was her chocolate brownies! All of the meals look amazing but I just couldn’t resist trying out a healthy alternative to chocolate! It’s like the holy grail!

There are 7 ingredients and there was only one that I couldn’t find at my local supermarket. The brown rice flour was easy to find at Holland and Barrett so no stress there, you can even order it online HERE. At the beginning of her book Ella says that although some ingredients are a little harder to find once you have them in your cupboards you’ll be able to whip up healthy snacks all the time. Sounds appealing doesn’t it?


So the only slight problem I had was blending the dates and the softened sweet potato. I don’t have a very expensive, fancy blender so I’m guessing if you do this stage is easier. I just needed to push the mixture down a few times so it turned out ok.

Brownie 3

Once I had the mixture at the right consistency I put it into a lined baking tray, popped it in the oven and hoped for the best! I wish I could have got the top smoothed out more to make it look better, I have since found out that if you put an icing spatular in boiling water then use it to smooth out your mixture, none of it will get stuck and should just glide right off. I will be trying this out next time!

Brownie 6

I am so happy to say that this recipe worked out great and the brownies were so yummy they only stayed in out fridge for 24 hours! I will definitely be making these again and they will probably be my staple to take round to my friends’ houses for tea and a treat!

Brownies 8

I hope you all get Ella’s book and try out this recipe. It really is amazing and who doesn’t need an excuse to eat more healthy chocolate! If you want to try out some of Ella’s fantastic recipes you can buy her book HERE, send me some photos and let me know how you get on!

Happy baking everyone!!


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