OK so I’ve already made the assumption that everyone spends as much time on Pinterest as I do – too much time for anyone to spend on any website. Ever.  I’m also going to assume that everyone looks at all the wonderful things and thinks, “ooh I’m definitely going to make that”… and then never gets round to it!

Well I am determined to make the time, and this will be my regular Tuesday’s Challenge!

So for the first week I wanted to make something that I’ve had on one of my Pinterest boards for a really long time – delicate paper flower garlands. They look so good at any party or occasion, even just hanging in your office or bedroom. I’ve made paper garlands before but none that are this delicate and hang vertically.

Here are the original pictures from Pinterest that grabbed my attention…

paper flowers P

Doesn’t look that easy, does it?  All fiddly and complicated…but I think you’ll be as surprised as I was by the results.

By clicking here you can get the free PDF printout of the flower shapes. Once you have those printed and cut out you’ll see that there is a small tab on the side of one petal…image1 (6)paper flower2

Now you need to wrap the flower around and secure the tab to the petal on the opposite side.  I used double-sided tape, but you can also use glue. OK, I admit it can be a little tricky at first, but I promise that with a just a little patience, you will begin to see the flower take shape…

paper flower3

Once all my flowers were made I used an embroidery needle and thread (any needle and thread is fine, I just wanted mine to be secure and these work well for me); put a small hole in the top of each flower and thread it through. I also found it helpful to tie a little knot in the tread before putting on each flower to make sure it didn’t slide up and down.

Et Volia! I am very pleased with these and I will most definitely be making more for some of the exciting events I’ve got coming up!

paper flowers6

By the way, I used double-sided wrapping paper from Tiger, find similar here.

paper flowers7

Come on, get making everyone! It may seem daunting but it is really simple and the end result is very effective.

I would also love to know what you’ve been making, or if you have an idea for next Tuesday’s Challenge!


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