My very capable Dad has recently built me a lovely desk. I’m very much enjoying my new work space and have already been so much more productive. There’s no doubt that your work environment has a real effect on productivity.

After several busy weeks I’m now concentrating on doing it justice by making it look its very best!

The desk and the surrounding area needs to make me feel as creative and motivational as possible. Naturally I’ve looked just about everywhere for inspiration and here are a few ideas I love:

desk No1  desk No2  desk No3desk No4  desk No5  desk No6desk No7  desk No8  desk No9  desk No10

After some serious online hunting I managed to find some pretty good alternatives, as well as the actual pieces themselves.

Have a little look and see if there is anything you need in your office to make it more upbeat and inspirational!

  1. Paperchase clipboard
  2. Metal Board
  3. Etsy lights
  4.  Dunelm jars
  5.  Pegboard
  6. colourful boxes 
  7.  Etsy print
  8.  Esty print
  9.  Shallow shelves
  10.  Desk lamp


One Comment on “My new work space

  1. Love those clipboards!!! And the jars! It also consistently amazes me what people can do with an IKEA expedit! Looking forward to seeing the finished space!


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