I love this time of year when there are multiple weddings, barbecues and parties to attend every weekend.

But one of my favourite things about these almost-weekly events in the summer is the discussion the next morning about the events that happened the previous night. The story telling is always best when accompanied by some serious comfort food and rehydration.

Sometimes Jim and I will venture out for sustenance, and sometimes we will whip something up from the comfort of our own kitchen. But if we stay home we will usually make is something that very closely resembles one of our favourite meals to order from places like Bill’s, The Breakfast Club or The Front Room.

Here are our top 5 dishes from our favourite restaurants for breakfast. I promise they don’t disappoint!

1.Bills Vegetarian Breakfast – poached free range eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, hummus, guacamole, sweet chilli sauce, basil and toast. Now I know this one sounds like a random collection of ingredients but trust me, it’s the perfect blend of flavours!



2. The Breakfast Club – pulled pork sandwich. Slow roast bbq pork and red leister on a toasted bun with pickled gherkins and home style fried potatoes. This thing is amazing, we actually saw someone else order this and it looked so good we ordered one each – great decision!



3. The Front Room – Sweet potato, red pepper falafel burger with halloumi – served with side salad and home fried potatoes. This one is on their lunch menu from 11.45 – 3 so you’ll have to wait a little while but let me tell you its worth it! The burger is unbelievable, very filling and very more-ish!



4. Another one from Bills – Eggs Benedict. Two free range poached eggs on toasted English muffins with ham and hollandaise sauce, sprinkled with pumpkins seeds. We’ve ordered this from Bill’s and made it ourselves many times. Every time we order it, it’s perfect, just perfect.



5. Last but not least its another corker from The Breakfast Club – Virgin Bloody Mary. I can’t do hair of the dog but with this little number you don’t need it. It’s perfectly hot and spicy and really gives you a kick. Last time I ordered one from here I couldn’t quite finish it so they put it in a little to-go cup for me! Perfect!


So whenever you’re feeling a little delicate or just want some absolutely amazing comfort food give these a go. They’re perfect for the bank holiday weekend and are definitely our safety choices! Give them a try if you haven’t already!



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