So it’s official, summer is over and autumn is here! I love summer and was sad to see it go but now, watching the leaves change colour, I feel ready to embrace the new season and all the adornments it brings!

In honour of this I will be posting some decorations for autumn, and maybe even halloween, every week!

For the first week I have decided to made some paper pumpkins. I love a paper decoration and these are so easy to make I’m sure you’ll love them too!

The only supplies you’ll need are:

Paper pumpkins1

Using your pencil and ruler divide up your paper depending how big or small you want your pumpkin

Paper pumpkins2

With your scissors cut out the strips from your paper

Paper pumpkins3

Using your double-sided tape attach each strip together at one end, creating a circle

Paper pumpkins4

Flip over your circle of strips so that the orange side is facing down. Then pick up one strip at a time and attach it to the next one, again using the tape

paper pumpkins5

Once you’ve made a complete circle with your orange paper you can cut out some leaves with green paper and simply attach them to the top of your pumpkin. Et Voila!

Paper pumpkins6

My next experiment is to make them with different colours and patterns. This decoration makes slightly less mess than carving a real pumpkin! Let me know how you get on with yours…

Happy Autumn!

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