I’ve been lacking in energy this week. The nights have been drawing in, the weather has been very unpredictable and having to pack my flip flops away until next year has left me a little bereft.

As a solution I thought I’d make some chocolate treats as, let’s face it, what else is there?!

I found a recipe for these little nuggets of joy whilst looking up gluten free treats for a future event. I find they go perfectly with a cup of tea during that mid afternoon lull!

This is all you need to start!

choc treats ing

They are so easy to make with only a few steps to follow:

Sweet treats meth

image2 (6)

Ta dah! The perfect afternoon pick me up!

choc treats fin

I have no idea how many calories are in each one and I don’t know how long they keep, as they’ve never lasted more than a day in our fridge!


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